Craft and Vision

Publisher: Craft and Vision
Device: iPad

Craft and Vision

Craft & Vision makes exceptional photographic education at ridiculously low prices. Your passion is our passion; like you we’re photographers – champions of the amateurs, the ones who do this for the love of it. We believe you can improve your craft without buying gear, but these eBooks are priced to leave you room in your budget to still buy something shiny.

This application is a one-stop-shop within which you can explore and purchase all the Craft & Vision eBooks. Each book is available as an In-App Purchase, with more books being added on a regular basis.

Includes the FREE eBook Craft & Vision.

To get a book simply, select it within the bookshelf and click ‘Buy’, couldn’t be simpler.

Plus, the app includes a collection of FREE, gorgeous wallpapers by some of the Craft & Vision authors.

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