In Search of Monet

Publisher: davidt digital
Device: iPad

In Search of Monet

Fine art photography comes to the iPad in the form of stunning photography from the West Coast of Scotland to the Sahara Desert, Monet inspired poppy fields full of beauty and colour, cherry orchards in full bloom. An idyllic childhood in fantasy gardens compete with the waterfalls of Wales and the fish market of Venice for atmosphere, texture and mystery. The digital book also traces the influence of Monet on the photographer’s work specifically, and modern visual expression in general.

The In Search of Monet iPad app is a fully interactive digital coffee table style fine art photography book, featuring 36 full page photographs in full colour and black & white with accompanying text, voice-over’s by Georgia Allen, picture galleries, video and much much more.
In Search of Monet is one of the new generation of fine art photography e books for tablets. The primary view is landscape.

All the photography at In Search of Monet has been created using traditional photographic film.
Not because we think film is better than digital, but because film allows for additional levels of experimentation and expression, plus a whole range of different processes can be employed to create the particular look and feel I am after, long before reaching the digital domain.

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