BJPhoto: iPhone Edition

Publisher: Incisive Media
Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

BJPhoto: iPhone Edition

In 1854 the British Journal of Photography was one of the first photography magazines in print. 15 years ago we were one of the first on the web, and last year we created a bespoke interactive edition for the Apple iPad.

Now it’s time to unveil our vision of a magazine for the iPhone.

This isn’t simply our iPad edition, resized – and it’s certainly not a print-based page turner. We believe in creating a custom edition for the phone, delivering the same in-depth features and cutting-edge photography in a smaller format that’s quicker to download and easier to read.

Unlike our quarterly iPad app, also available now, we plan to release smaller issues for this iPhone edition more frequently and at a low cost.

Issue 1 is completely free to download inside the app, and features the photo and video work of Roger Ballen. Get your free copy from the Library menu.

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