Rock Photographer

Publisher: All-Nighters
Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Rock Photographer

Rock Photographer is a game that enables you to capture Rock ‘N Roll history one picture at a time. You play the photographer!

What makes the app special is that we use only real footage in the actual game-play. Just like a real camera, tilt your phone to look around inside level as the band plays. You can shoot from different positions to get the best angle. When you see something interesting happen, tap the screen to take a photo.

If your timing & frame is right, you’ll get big points! If not, you’re going to waste up all your film before the level is over. Special objectives are hidden throughout the levels waiting to be found. They just have to be taken at the perfect moment. 

Save up the points you earn to unlock hidden features, and become the World’s Greatest Rock Photographer!

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