Producer HD

Publisher: True Hero Studio
Device: iPad

Producer HD

As a producer with many projects to juggle, it’s great to have the Producer HD app doing a lot of the organizational heavy-lifting. This is a very thorough, well-thought out app – can save a lot of time with all your info at your fingertips. Would love to see the ability to import scripts in pdf format too. It handles pictures, docs, Dropbox and all the fine features beautifully. would love to see video clips supported one day also. An audio recorder would be great with timecode as in CutNotes or the audio memo type apps – way to go – 5 1/2 stars!!!!


There are number of Project Management tools, generic at best, that are quite unsuited to the production world. Chances are producing a film with tools designed for construction of a coal power plant will be like telling an agent of diva lead actress she is not getting her trailer, entourage and forcing her to stay with the crew. Technically possible but it’s not going to happen ok!

Producer is a production assistance that brings it all together for you and your crew, manages above and below the line. Both financially and from the production assets point of view. Designed to iron out complexity in film, still and live productions.

Go ahead be organised, know where your production is at and were it is going. Try Producer app now.


Create and assign talent, crew and locations to your projects. Import them from your contacts or previous projects and so build a maintainable database of production assets.

Maintain and develop your script in the standard manner and take it a step further when you assign a visual reference to every script item.

Import your script or breakdown directly as plain text or final draft FDX file. Production file management section to segment documents per production or project. Send or Dropbox as required directly from document screen.

Create a project brief PDF based on the project you have compiled within the app.

Keep a detailed or a high level budget for every project and see where you are coming in on your production budget.

Keep all your scouted locations, booked talent and working crew in a database. Develop your library of support with information and notes from all your productions.

Go location scouting or a casting session with Producer and take all the pre-production images and notes on the fly as you choose.

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