99 Findings

Publisher: Hibiku Inc.
Device: iPad

99 Findings

“99 Findings” is the first app for iPad of Hiroshi Watanabe that expands on the basis of “Findings” published by Photolucida in 2007.

・New images are added to the original “Findings” and there are 99 photographs in this publication, thus the name.

・An interview movie with Hiroshi Watanabe on his photography by Douglas Stockdale.

・His darkroom is shown for the first time in a movie in which he shows how he prints his photographs in his darkroom.

・All the 99 photographs are plotted on the Map where they were taken. You can enjoy a virtual travel all over the world with them.

・This app is viewable in vertical position only. We wanted to maintain the original “FINDINGS” book’s vertical configuration. This design makes easy to flow through pages and is most aesthetically suited for Hiroshi Watanabe’s square format images.

・It has versioned up that you can pinch-out the photographs.

・The language is written in English.

※ You need to pay for the Japanese version (under construction) even if you have bought “99 Findings” English version. Please wait a little longer if you want the the Japanese version.


His work has been published and exhibited around the world, and his work is in the permanent collections of six art museums in the United States.

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