Showreel Portfolio

Publisher: Architek Ltd
Device: iPad


Showreel portfolio is a customisable video portfolio for the video professional who wants to show their video, animations or motion graphics within a branded interactive presentation on the iPad. Showreel portfolio is the most dynamic and portable way to show off your work.

In common with other apps from Rocket Garden, Showreel achieves this in with a clean minimal interface that allows focus on your content, not on user interface clutter. From its minimally branded icon to its full-screen display unencumbered by status information, Showreel makes your dynamic projects stand out.

Showreel is the first app designed specifically to show video work at its best by allowing the creation of a branded and interactive experience similar to the interactive experience achieved with a DVD menu or ‘special features’ disc.

Showreel allows galleries of video and stills images but also allows videos to be directly hotlinked from buttons that can be overlaid with transparency onto still or moving backgrounds.

Video content can be organised via four types of menu navigation including the ‘Showreel’ style with thumbnails that hyperlink to galleries of stills and video, sub categories and video showreels.

Showreel incorporates an easy setup wizard with a theme mechanism that provides a dozen starter themes that style font, background color, motion content and menu style and layout in both landscape and portrait formats.

Unlike photo portfolio apps that add video content as an afterthought, Showreel is designed from the ground up to showcase video content.


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