Publisher: Studio-307
Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


OverCam uses the flow of images captured by your iPhone’s video camera and combines these images in transparency to create an entirely new picture. The assembly of images is done in real-time and seamlessly, producing a shot that features all objects captured in movement. You can choose at what moment the final image is saved—simply by tapping the screen. An integrated viewer enables you to browse through, select, and share different images.

– The number of combined images can be modified at all times; use sliders to control your stacks of images and capture speeds.
– An auto-enhance filter has been integrated to automatically improve the quality of your superimpositions.
– A selection of frames are available to add to your images.
– All of your captured images are automatically added to your photo library.
– Optional Black and White module (can be activated by sharing 3 images or by In-App-Purchase).
– Full HD 1080p recording for iPhone 5 and iPad 3-4.

This multiple exposure technique is being used more and more in professional photography, particularly in highly artistic and sports photography. And, for the very first time, you can now do superimposition in REAL-TIME to create high-quality, predictable, and absolutely stunning shots. Photography professionals and amateurs alike will be amazed at OverCam’s results.


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