Publisher: vfxwarrior
Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


Loving Lightroom, Photoshop or Instagram? Willing to easily enhance skin tones in photos ? Needing to fix clarity, or create a professional split tone balanced look? Then Cinekolor™ is a MUST for you!

Cinekolor™ redefines professional photo retouching on mobile. It totally stands apart with a smart and minimalistic wonderful UI following the non linear professional software patterns.

Cinekolor™ even exports filters to Photoshop just like magic.

It’s the only app capable of exporting your color look to your Photoshop desktop installation. Watch it at

Get Cinekolor™ Unlimited and experience this full version offering the complete set of functionalities including saving high resolution photos and exporting filters to photoshop.

For the first time ever Cinekolor™ offers you the same kind of editing tools reserved for desktop software but this time designed specifically for the mobile experience.

The comprehensive color toolset includes:
– Luminance curve adjustment
– Per channel curve adjustment
– Split tones coloring and gain ( shadows, midtones, highlights )
– Skin enhancement module
– Per color easy adjustment ( red, green, blue ,cyan ,magenta, yellow )
– Per channel gain ( red, green, blue )
– Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Tint
– A dedicated module for post Vibrance and Saturation tweaking
– NON destructive NON linear pipeline
– Cinematic 16bits per channel floating point precision
– Render your final images up to 3456×3456 on iPhone5+.

Also add a special spice with the Effects module featuring:
– Clarity and basic Noise reduction
– Lens Effects
– Vignetting
– Tilt Shift ( Iris adjustment )
– Glow ( also great for relighting )

– Save your photos to photo library or send it to:
Export your filter preset to
– Photoshop CS6 and up
– Any Software supporting CUBE format ( like The Foundry’s Nuke ).
– Manually backup and share your filters to other Cinekolor™ Installations by accessing them directly through iTunes File Sharing.


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