Publisher: Panavision
iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


“Panavize” Your iPhone with PANASCOUT!

Shoot like the pros with the first Photography app from Panavision Inc., the leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of ultra precision equipment for the motion picture industry.

Before cameras roll on movie sets around the world, crews scout the locations.

PANASCOUT simulates the cinematographer’s viewpoint from a professional cinema camera. Add flavor and composition to your photos when you see what the pros see.

Frame photos in true widescreen 2.40 (Anamorphic), 1.85 (Super 35mm), 1.78 (16×9 HD), 1.33 (4×3) and custom aspect ratios with PANAFRAME.

PANASCOUT has an ergonomic workflow that allows filmmakers to access the cinematic quality of any location, and record the true metadata behind it. Capture your image metadata in every shot including; GPS Data, COMPASS HEADING, Date and Time. Toggle on/off FRAME LINES, CENTERING CROSSHAIRS and GPS with a tap inside the “Settings / Gear” menu.

Every filmmaker knows what it’s like to “chase the sun”. With PANASCOUT always be equipped with a SUNRISE / SUNSET readout for your present location.

PANASCOUT allows you to upload directly to Final Cut with Final Cut Server, MobileMe as well as SmugMug or Email to your colleagues.

Easily store and catalogue your work in an Album & Roll hierarchy or save to the iPhone native photo library. Add voice notes, written notes or reference video (4GS and above).

The world of PANAVISION is at your fingertips when you hit the hotbutton. Find the closest PANAVISION anywhere in the world. Get the gear the pros wear at the PANASTORE. Review our complete PANAVISION technical documentation in the REFERENCE LIBRARY. Visit our online screening room in the MEDIA CENTER or surf our main site at


•PANAFRAME (2.40, 1.85, 1.78, 1.33, Custom)
•Date / Time
•iPhone Library Save
•GPS coordinates
•Compass direction (4GS and above)
•Upload to Final Cut Server, MobileMe, SmugMug
•Video (4GS only and above)
•Album/Roll Save
•Voice Notes


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