Publisher: Obvious Engineering
Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


* Chosen as one of the Best Apps of 2013 by Techcrunch *
Seene lets you capture and share life in 3D with friends, family and followers.

+++ iPhone 4 users: please note you cannot take seenes on iPhone 4, you can only view them.

The world isn’t flat, and with Seene, neither are your photos. Seene creates a new kind of shareable 3D photo that brings together image, depth and movement in a way that is both familiar and new.

You can share within your Seene feed, or to other social networks. The results are fun and lifelike!

• Take unlimited 3D photo seenes
• Share instantly on Seene, Twitter, and Facebook
• View seenes on your phone or the web
• Find, follow, and interact with other Seene users
• You can embed a seene into Tumblr
• It’s more fun than taking a regular photo!

Taking a seene on your phone is simple. Point your phone at your subject and move around it to capture from different angles. Your progress is overlaid on top of the video feed, and your seene will build automatically upon completion. See around your subject by rotating your phone in your hand.

The technology behind Seene pushes mobile phones to their limit. We support iPhone 4S and higher for taking 3D photos, and iPhone 4 and desktop web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari that support WebGL for 3D viewing.


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