Publisher: Christopher Anderson Photographs
Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch


“Capitolio” is the first authored monograph photography book for the iPhone and iPad.

Originally published in 2010 by RM, “Capitolio” is an intimate journey through a time of revolution in Hugo Chavez’ Caracas, Venezuela. This series was photographed between 2004 and 2008 by Magnum photographer Christopher Anderson.

Now available as an app for your iPhone and iPad, “Capitolio” also features an interview with Christopher Anderson by Oscar-nominated director Tim Hetherington, as well as Director’s Cut photographs that do not appear in the original print edition.

“The word ‘capitolio’ refers to the domed building that houses a government. Here, the city of Caracas, Venezuela, is itself a metaphorical capitolio building. The decaying Modernist architecture, with a jungle growing through the cracks, becomes the walls of this building and the violent streets become the corridors where the human drama plays itself out in what President Hugo Chavez called a ‘revolution.'”
– Christopher Anderson

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