Liquid Scale

Publisher: Savoy Software
Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Liquid Scale

Liquid Scale allows to scale images horizontally or vertically without distorting the content. A Photo with too much background can be condensed to its main motif. It’s possible to mark image areas to remove or preserve them. No question: Anybody can now perform tricks with images.

Is your image too wide for the vacation blog? Do you need a square avatar photo? Does the beautiful landscape shot not fit into the frame? Using Liquid Scale you can easily adjust the correct size without distorting the image. Move two people closer to each other, remove unwanted third persons or create an impressing panorama.

✔ „Content Aware Image Resizing“
✔ Mark areas for removal or to preserve them
✔ Send results directly by mail or save them into the camera roll
✔ Before-after toggle
✔ Select from three qualities (low, medium or high resolution)
✔ Live Seams View. Using this feature you can see exactly what’s going on while resizing.

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