WAKE (Visible Tracks of Turbulence)

Publisher: Hydar Dewachi
Device: iPad

WAKE (Visible Tracks of Turbulence)

In WAKE (visible tracks of turbulence), six artists worked sequentially in a series of week-long mini-residencies. Each artist chose their successor and each left behind their materials and structures for the following artist to inherit and build upon. Picking up where the previous left off, the newcomer responded to, recycled and added to what they found, which they then revealed to the public over six weekends.

Week 1 Anne Bean
Week 2 William Cobbing
Week 3 David Cotterrell
Week 4 Carl Von Weiler
Week 5 Rachel Lowe
Week 6 Bronwen Buckeridge

Concept by Anne Bean

Photographs © 2011 Hydar Dewachi
Text © 2011 Rachel Withers

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