Publisher: Bits of Cat Software
Device: iPhone, iPod Touch


Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a classic Super 8 camera, the only app dedicated to authentic Super 8 video processing. Capture all of those magic moments in resolutions up to HD, process and enjoy the nostalgia of real film, all within your iPhone or iPod Touch!

Camer8 launches in camera mode where you can start recording straight away. No need to worry about deciding what effect to apply and missing out on that magical moment.

And don’t worry, Camer8 saves all your recordings into its process lab so you can carry on filming and then process your videos when you want with the filters that work best!


– Authentic Super 8 view finder and record trigger button.
– Ticker countdown showing you how much reel you have left in your camera to record with
– Choose your frame rate, 12 or 18 FPS
– Showcase your videos in resolutions up to HD
– Process your videos using 3 different effects and 2 filters, so 6 effects in total, all within the Camer8 Process Lab that is build into the app.
– Keeps your original video so you can process it again with a different filter applied.

Make your video match your mood.

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