Foto News Now

Publisher: Archant Ltd
Device: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

foto news now

foto news now combines Photography Monthly and Professional Photographer magazines in one great app. Browse through the daily updated photo news from the world of photography, read features from the latest issues, watch videos and listen to podcasts by industry professionals. Access hundreds of high-quality photos in the gallery and portfolio sections, share content with friends and enter competitions. This is a great app for anyone who is passionate about photography, from the enthusiast to the professional.

•Access hundreds of reviews from TWO top photography publications.
•Enter photographic competitions and be in with a chance to win photographic kit every month.
•View photo galleries and share your work with the foto news now community.
•Get tips, secrets and advice from top professionals.
•Learn from the legends of photography.
•Keep informed of the latest news, launches and exhibitions in the UK.

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